I am obsessed with food.

There.  I said it.

But it's true - and has been for over 40 years.  Fake food, real food, I just love food. I also love people.  In my home.  At a party.  Anywhere, anytime.

Good food + good family & friends = Good memories.

And there's nothing like food to create and invoke memories to last a lifetime.

My best childhood memories involve being in the kitchen with someone dear to me.  As a teenager, I loved bringing friends to my home, knowing Mom always had something delicious and homemade, usually hot out of the oven.  Add to the day to day pleasures of the kitchen the excitement of entertaining, and voila! My childhood!  My grandmother and my mother were the queens of party planning.  And what I learned from them is that if food doesn't look pretty, it doesn't matter how it tastes - and vice versa.  If the food is pretty but doesn't taste good, the purpose is defeated.

Today, as a wife, mother of 7 (and mother in law of 1), the hub of our home is still the kitchen. Some of the greatest moments for our family have happened - planned or unplanned - in the kitchen -  together.  It's my favorite place to be with my favorite people!